Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Today's New Design

Painting the cosmos in a small letter (like on our 'Lets Run Away' tee) took a lot more time than we thought! As it's so small, it's a lot more time consuming
Painting larger areas is still timely, but a lot quicker than doing letters, so we thought we would try a quicker way to paint text! But how wrong we were...

Here's a quick peek from where we were around lunchtime

And four long hours later, this was the end result

So there doesn't seem to be a quick way to paint text, but from what we've heard from you so far, you love the results! So don't worry, there will be a lot more tee's to come over the next few days with a new updated store coming next week!

And remember you can have any design on either a t-shirt or jumper, with a fabric colour choice of White, Grey, Green and Burgundy 

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