Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Purrrfect Combination

Putting together outfits is something we LOVE to do over at These Folk HQ and last weeks outfit post was right up our street!

So to celebrate our new tee 'Catnatomy' we thought we'd do another little outfit post to show you how you can style it up! Because cats don't always have to be bows and cuteness :)

We have been swooning over the Cagecity skirt for weeks now! It is definitly a must have for the summer

And don't worry all you canine lovers, we haven't forgotten about you... keep your eyes peeled for our dog collection, there's some pugging cute dogs to come!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Outfit Ideas

So it's all well and good us over at These Folk saying 'Buy our clothes!' but how much use is that if you're sat with one of our products and thinking 'How the flip am I going to style this one up!?' 

So we decided to give you a few ideas on how to wear your new These Folk purchases!

Here's our first casual daytime look with a nod to the 80s:

And for a softer day at the park look (yes we are pining over summer!):

So hopefully that's given you some inspiration for our tees and if not, just some nice little finds elsewhere!