Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Not so appropriate gig attire!

Shoes, Top, Necklace and Bag - New Look, Jacket - Zara, Skort - SheInside, 
Floral Headband - Crown and Glory

This evening i'm out in London with my brother, we'll most likely spend our evening people watching whilst sipping frozen margs but we are also going to a gig! 
Gone are the days 10 years ago when a staple gig outfit was black skirt, tights and some sort of band tee but as my outfit is looking a bit summery I decided to throw in a black floral headband from Crown and Glory

Mandatory black - check!

(Also making her debut appearance is little Elwood, my mouthy cat)

Monday, 20 May 2013

All night cat fights

Jacket and Vest top - Zara, Blazer - Mango, Trousers - Topshop, Shoes and Bag - New Look, 
Beanie - eBay

Having moved back from Wales to London/Herts recently, as a stop gap I'm staying at my parents house before I move into my new digs! Along with my bags of clothes, shoes and accessories, came my cat Elwood! (the face behind this These Folk tee
My parents also have a cat and at first they got a along fine, but now for some reason they hate each other and it is literally pistols at dawn, everyday! Not a happy feline household!

Anyway, as summer has now gone, my girlie dresses have gone back in my wardrobe, so today i've opted for trousers and beanie with my gorgeous new stilettos from New Look. I bought them on Saturday when I popped out for foundation and ended up buying shoes instead... oops! They're unbelievably comfy and will definitly be my go to shoes for the next few weeks

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bump it!

Dress - New Look (current), Coat - Zara, Bag - Miss. Selfridge, Shoes - River Island (similar here!)

Today started off as a jeans and an old top day and then the postman arrived with my bumpits! I love a good 60s hair do but I hate the amount of backcombing and especially the aftermath that you're faced with once you take the whole thing out - owch!
So when my I unwrapped my bumpits and put one in my hair, I couldn't waist such a lovely hair do on such a messy outfit, so naturally I threw on an entirely new outfit to match!

It was surprisingly warm today so I opted for a dress (not quite warm enough to ditch the black tights though!) and heels. I love the idea of heels everyday but at just shy of 5ft 11 I always feel like a giant teetering around Tescos. Luckily the mid chunky block heel is back and I can just about get away with them before a huge fleet of helicopters swoop down on me and push me back to my homeland along with all the other BFGs!

Well, hopefully we'll have a summer this year! I heard it might be a on a Tuesday....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Behind the Folk

Dress - AX Paris, Coat - New Look, Bag - Miss. Selfridge, Shoes - New Look

My style changes often. 
One week I could be reaching for the fedora and then next for the snapback. I have a split personality when it comes to fashion!
My problem is that I love so many different styles I want to try them all, fashion faux pas? Maybe. Tough on my bank account? Definitly! 

These days i'm generally known for being the face behind the sewing machine behind These Folk. A clothing brand I set up when having a early life crisis about my somehow establish career in insurance, which I inevitably quit and after a few days of blind panic and wine, These Folk was born! 

I have previously used this blog to showcase some of my items for sale but as the memory on my phone is full of pictures of my daily outfits I thought I would document them on here instead! 

PS. I over use exclamation marks. A lot!