Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pintrest is my Interest!

PANIC OVER! I found my passport - After searching through boxes upon boxes of my 'between moving' worldly possessions, I found my passport in a old draw in my room. Why was it there? I don't know!

Anyway! In lieu of an outfit post, I thought I would write about my go to inspiration for what to wear. You know, on those days where when you're staring at a wardrobe crammed full of clothes crying "I have nothing to wear!"

I seriously don't know what I used to do before Pintrest. 
A friend of mine is getting married in a matter of weeks and recently she mentioned to me that she has no idea how someone planned a wedding before Pintrest! And it's true! I'm sure i'm not the only one out there who is far from marriage, yet already has their whole wedding pinned onto a board on Pintrest....

Photos sourced from Pintrest

It's as easy as "I want to wear my leather shorts but I have not got a clue what to team it with" search 'leather shorts' and boom! Inspiration galore! 
I wouldn't have thought to team up a checked shirt with a tulle skirt but now I'm scouring eBay for a tulle skirt so I can throw a casual outfit together! 

Don't get me wrong, Lookbook is still amazing for checking out what bloggers are wearing and for up and coming trends, but for a quick and easy way to get inspired? Pintrest.


  1. happy you found your passport
    how cool is the first pic!!

    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

    1. I know! If I could afford/pull off a matching tartan suit I would! :) x x