Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'Allo Autumn

I'm so glad we had a lovely summer this year because blimey didn't autumn come around quick! Last week I was in shorts and now i'm packing them away for thick tights and big coats.

I can't say i'm overly depressed about the situation though because October to December is probably my favourite time of the year! Bonfire night, Halloween, my birthday, Christmas and New Years! Plus all the winter fashions, exciting times!

It'll be a different story come January but that's future Alex's problem...

Here's today's outfit, I dared to bare without tights but I'm wearing a midi skirt so it's a compromise, there isn't snow on the ground yet!

Skirt and Bag - Vintage, Flatforms - H&M (old), Jacket - Dorothy Perkins (old), Jumper - eBay
Watch - eBay

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Holiday Outfits Part Deux

One day into work i'm already yearning for another holiday, I fear it may be quite a while until I have another one! Here are the rest of my planned verses actual outfit images, my jelly shoes from eBay were the main choice of footwear for the holiday and I was shocked at how comfy they were. You can get a pair from eBay here!

Day 1:
 Expectations vs. Reality

 Day 2:
Expectations vs. Reality

Day 3:
Expectations vs. Reality

Day 4:
Expectations vs. Reality

This last outfit wasn't a planned one but turned out to be my favourite of the holiday! I felt very french popping out in the morning to get baguettes in this ensemble!

Day 5:

Monday, 2 September 2013

Holiday Outfits

Last week I was lucky enough to go away with my lovely boyfriend to Southern Brittany in France. We spent the week sailing and of course, I packed the most practical and sensible outfits, but then I changed my mind and went for fashion over practicality!

I thought I would do a few posts showing my planned outfit verses reality. This holiday I was pretty good at packing only what I needed to wear and sticking to it! Mostly because I didn't have a choice. We were driving 11 hours in an Aygo and packing 8 different outfits per day really wasn't an option!

Being a terrible blogger I forgot my battery charger for my camera so all the photos were taken on Ollie's iphone! So apologies for the lack of professional photography!

Travelling home:

 Expectations vs. Reality 

Travelling to France:

 Expectations vs. Reality 

...Well actually there is no proper reality outfit shot on the first day as we were too excited to think about that! But this was the outfit I wore driving out

More coming tomorrow!